Leads for your needs.


Let us do the work for you!

Our strategy to create an influx of new leads is focused on who your desired client, patient, or customer is. We develop a specified tactic to generate those who you want to reach.

As the digital world advances, many businesses don't. There is not enough time for a business owner to learn every aspect of business in order to grow your business.

RDR Online Solutions takes that load off your plate when it comes to bringing in more leads in search for your service.

Lead Generation

Through proven tactics, we create and direct your ads to the specific demographics you want and need.

Traffic Management

Let us manage your traffic and let us scale it so it's working for you


Our goal is to ensure you are receiving the results you are investing in.


We take on the role to grow your business.

Your focus should be revolved around your service without any distractions.

We focus on generating your business more leads to increase those looking for what you provide.

You shouldn't receive leads that won't commit.

Our Priority

Specified lead generation allows us to bring you who you want

What You Get

Hands-off marketing with a difference you can see

End Result

Create the successful reputation you are looking for in your industry

About the Founder/CEO

Hi, I’m Richard!

"As someone who has worked at small businesses and has a small family business, one of the most difficult things to manage is the kind of business one gets. Word of mouth is a great marketing tool, but in this day and age, it's not enough."

  • Graduate from the University of Houston-Downtown with a Bachelor of Administration in Business Management
  • Over 9 years in various marketing experience
  • Over 5 years in digital marketing experience specifically in lead generation for small & local businesses
  • Strong connection and desire to help small businesses grow

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